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"What' remarkable about writer-performer Alan Aymie's one man show is the super-abundant energy, tight-scripting, and furious pace of the narrative - so fast, the audience can barely keep as Aymie morphs into a disparate cast of characters.  With his spitfire delivery, the indefatigable performer never misses a beat..."

                 - LA WEEKLY (Child's Play)



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"Aymie proves to be a first rate educator..." - LA TIMES

Detailing his journey from Hollywood film sets to a South LA classroom, Turning Points - Tips, Tales, & Tactics of a Revolutionary Teacher  is part autobiographical, part Revolutionary War History lesson, and 100% effective in teaching, inspiring and supporting students in reaching their potential. Focusing on his first year in the classroom, Aymie takes us on a journey “…that aches with vivid descriptions of life behind a teacher’s desk… “ (LA Times) and the Revolutionary War Play that became a community fixture for over twenty years.  Turning Points is a must read for educators, parents, and all those interested in public education.



"...Aymie paints a thrilling, exhausting, emotionally moving portrait that crackles with energy and tension..."

                     - MAD THEATRICS

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From Stage to Page...

Alan is a critically-acclaimed actor, award-winning playwright and an advocate for the autism community. His writing for the stage reflects his passions for public education, autism advocacy, and fatherhood.  Most well known for his solo work, Alan has garnered critical-aclaim for his plays such as, RAPThe Old Man of the Mountain, and Jaime's Sexy Heels. Growing up in Boston, he listened to his father's stories about working with James Brown, Patti Labelle and the Jive Five and those stories, his work as an educator in South Los Angeles, and family life for a Boston Boy in Beverly Hills have all influenced Alan's work on stage and as an author. This Fall, his first book, Turning Points, will be published by Luminare Press. 

Currently, each April, Alan tours the country to promote autism awareness with his critically-acclaimed solo play, A Child Left Behind - My Education in Autism.     



The Autism Plays

"Compelling... Aymie proves first rate..."

                                      - LA TIMES

Two critically-acclaimed solo plays on autism, education, and every child's first teacher.  A Child Left Behind & Living With Autism have been seen in theaters, colleges, libraries and medical centers across the country. Each April, o promote autism awareness, Alan tours the play, the LA Times wrote, "..Aches with vivid descriptions of life behind a teacher's desk..".



A play about identity as much as it's about rap music, RAP is a "Down the Rabbit Hole" look at the music industry the mirrors fame holds up to us.

"Aymie’s audacious play, RAP has much to recommend it as it takes swipes at gangster rap, the music industry and consumer culture in this boldly refreshing one-act". - LA WEEKLY


Child's Play

First seen at the McCadden Theater, Child's Play went on to critical acclaim and an LA Weekly Pick of the Week at the Zephyr Theater before being seen at the HBO Workspace, PSNBC, and the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival.

"Informative, powerful, energetic, touching, humane and funny - in short, everything a one-man show should be..." - LA TIMES


January 20, 2023

In his first year as a teacher in South LA, Alan (on his 2nd actual day of teaching) took over a classroom that had just been created - inside an old discarded book storage room.  Armed with only his experience as a children's party entertainer and his years helping out at his father's Jamaica Plains record store, Soul Sounds, Alan shocked the entire school when his students exceeded all expectations, capping their year with a performance of a newly written Revolutionary War play that Alan had created specifically for his class. Turning Points is the thrilling, sometimes heartbreaking journey of Alan's first year in teaching and provides practical teaching tips, hope, and insight for teachers - new and old to the profession.  Based on his critically-acclaimed solo plays, Turning Points provides a raw, detailed look at the challenges of public education from inside one of our country's most challenging neighborhoods.

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